Apple’s New Mac Pro is Reminding Everyone of Humble Cheese Grater


Image result for Apple's New Mac Pro is Reminding Everyone of Humble Cheese GraterApple just announced its all-new Mac Pro computer at WWDC 2019 keynote and people are feeling really hungry looking at it.

On June 3, the tech giant introduced us to iOS 13. The Dark Mode, which was expected to be one of the biggest consumer highlights for this year’s iOS, got the enthusiasts talking. With security improvements, Find My app would be crucial in privacy and tracking. Oh yes, iPad has a new operating system. It’s called iPadOS.

But what really caught the attention of those closely watching the much-anticipated event was Apple’s shiny beast, the new Mac Pro. An update from 2013’s “trash can”, the modular computer, which starts at $5,999, can be amped up to 28 cores with the new Intel Xeon processor and have a maximum of 1.5TB of RAM. It’s insane.

If all of that was great, wait for it. Its design is grater.

Yep. As powerful as it is, the Apple Mac Pro has an uncanny resemblance to a humble cheese grater.

mac pro

Did Apple design it in such a way so people could call it Mac n’ Cheese? Anyhow, Twitterati decided to shred it apart.