A Big List of Typography Books


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The holidays are coming!

I don’t know about y’all, but my family always tells me I’m so hard to buy for. I never feel like that that though. I love art! food! music! tech! bikes! doings things! uhm. candles! One thing tends to actually work though: books.

If someone I know puts an ounce of effort into selecting a book they think I would like, I’ll cherish it. One type of book that I can’t get enough of is books on typography. In a sense, you get double the bang for your buck. A book on typography has no choice but to have incredibly typography itself, so while you read and learn, you get to linger on the typesetting of the book itself. Although I bet that runs counter to what the authors want! They are always saying good typography shouldn’t call attention to itself but get out of the way. Still, in an educational context, I think we can admire safely.

I would think a wide swath of the population would enjoy a book about typography. Even if they aren’t typographers or designers, type is a kind of art and I’d say most people enjoy art. Even Kayne famously gets emotional over fonts.

So for whatever reason you might be browsing typography books, here’s a big list of them. I literally own all of them, so don’t get any gift ideas for me 😉