When Does Your Car Wash Need Immediate Repair?

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A car wash can operate as a stand-alone business or is a nice addition to a c-store, gas station combination. It can add a phenomenal amount of revenue to your operation, but it is critical that every component stays in good working order. Below are a few reasons you might need to seek immediate car wash repair services.

Water Leaks

Your car wash is designed to deliver water at a fairly fast rate. It can spell trouble if you develop a water leak. You can have hundreds of gallons going down the drain in a short amount of time. This is one time a quick repair is a necessity.

Clogged and Backed Up Drains

Serious drain clogs and slow draining can flood your entire car wash, and send torrents of soapy water down the sides of the street. It is essential to have the cause of the drain stoppage diagnosed and the clog removed. You will not be able to operate the car wash until this repair is made.

Jammed and Defective Controls

The components of your car wash that receive coins or tokens and adjust to choose the desired wash, rinse, and other functions can become jammed, knobs removed, or become non-operational from excessive wear-and-tear. Replacing and upgrading this part of your equipment is critical to staying in business.

Chemical System Leaks and Malfunction

A customer can become frustrated if they have paid for a wash and no soap comes out. The same is true for wax or any other chemicals that are a part of the desired service. Keep this part of the equipment free of clogs and malfunction with a routine inspection and quality repair.

Keep the revenue flow of your car wash running smoothly by maintaining the condition of the equipment. Placing your car wash on a routine maintenance plan will ensure you have happy customers all year long.