Why Should You Choose EaseUS Recovery Software?


These days, everything is becoming digital even data storage. Yes, people that would like to store the data including personal and business data use computers. Since, storing the data and files in the computers remains uncomplicated and easy. At the same time, it can be retrieved, shared and copied as well easily and quickly. This is the reason why people would like to use the computers for storing their data. Nevertheless, the issue is that, we cannot say that the computers can keep the data safe and secured all through the time. Instead, the data loss can happen due to various situations.

Yes, if your computer is damaged or your OS is crashed or your system is not turned off properly, you can lose your data with no doubts. In such cases, you need to recover those lost data without fail. If you are thinking to hire the company or professional recovery services, you have to spend a big sum of money from your pocket. I would say that, it is really a waste of money. Now, you can recover your lost data yourself by using the data recovery software. This software will let you regain your lost data yourself all alone.


All you have to do is to use the best and flexible recovery software for experiencing the quick and convenient recovery process. You can use EaseUs free data recovery software. This software is reliable and to the point to use. This software is crammed with various stunning features to make your recovery process easy and simple. Downloading and installing the software remains simple. You do not need to seek anyone’s assistance for downloading the software. Rather, you can do that on your own. Everyone should choose Easeuse software as it contains the incredible haves which are as follows,

  • Packed with intelligent scan options
  • Encrypted and compressed files can as well be recovered on NFTS
  • Specific files can be regained by just a right click
  • Contains a feature to resume the last recovery result
  • Backups multi-drives and large drives
  • Disk image file will be created for data recovery
  • Backups hard drive, IDE/ATA, Fire wire, SCSI, SATA, USB, digital audio player, Pen drive, iPod and more
  • Delivers partition recovery from file systems, FAT12, NTFS/NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and VFAT
  • Files and folders can be recovered or retrieved even after it has been deleted permanently using the Shift+Del key
  • Contains to the point and user-friendly interface
  • Identifies and preserves long file names during restoring folders and files
  • Views the recovered pictures with thumbnails
  • Changes the size of the regained files
  • Recovered files and images can be previewed in PNG, BMP, TIF, EMF, GIF, JPG and JPEG formats.
  • Quick recovery is possible
  • Any types of files can be recovered with all ease

I hope that, you would be very much gratified with the software once after going through the haves of the software. These features are more than enough to explain about the EaseUS recovery software.