EaseUS provides you with the best recovery solutions


EaseUS.com is very convenient data recovery software which is preferred by a large number of customers worldwide. The files may be deleted, formatted or lost due to the virus attacks or any other reasons. EaseUS provides the recovery solutions for all these types of loss. It is free recovery software which solves all the recovery problems easily.  The data can be recovered from all the systems such as personal computers, laptops, androids, hard drives, and storage media and so on.


Steps to recover the data

  • Program launching – The first essential step is to download the program and install it on the system. It is necessary not to install the software on the disk from where the data has been lost. This will make the overwriting of the lost data and files possible which is not good for the system. It is necessary to select all the data which has been lost. During the launch of the programme, it must be noticed that which file type is present in the system such as graphics, audios, email, videos, and documents and so on. There are numerous file types available which must be checked. The specific file types must be selected in order to retrieve the data. It will also sharply accelerate the speed of scanning.
  • Choosing a location – one of the most essential steps is to choose a location where the data may be found. The data may be anywhere such as the windows libraries, desktop, hard disk drives, lost hard disk drives, etc. This step is essential when the data is lost by deleting a partition, or losing a partition or re partition, because under this the program will lead the customers to the partition table which will list all the deleted partition information.
  • Scanning – this is one of the most essential steps in the recovery process. The user can stop and pause the process depending upon his choice. The first scan performed by the user is light and quick and it displays all the history of the deleted information which has been simply deleted from the folders. The software will inform the user in case a deep scan has to be performed. A pop up window will appear to remind the users about the deep scan. It is basically for the further recovery of the system. It is basically conducted when the files are not found even after the first scan or the files recovered are not opening properly. EaseUS.com is the best data recovery software  as it provides the users with so many options and solutions.

The phase of recovery – after the scan, the result is divided into various different sections. There are three phases i.e. by path, by time and by types. These segregations help in the quick filtering of the files making it easier for the users. After the selection of the phase of section, the user can choose the files and click on the recover button. This will help in the recovery of the data in the system. It is advised to the users that the files should not be saved in the same location where they have been lost earlier.