Free Hearthstone Card Available For One Day Only This Weekend

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Blizzard will once again offer a freebie for Hearthstone players this weekend. This time around, it’s just a single card, though getting it is incredibly easy.

By logging in tomorrow, May 20, all players will receive the Fight Promoter card pictured below. There’s no requirement that tasks you with playing or winning matches–simply hopping online with the game on any platform is enough to add it to your collection. But you’ll need to do so on May 20, as this is a one-day-only offer.

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Fight Promoter is a six-mana 4/4 card. It features a Battlecry that causes you to draw two cards if you control a minion with at least six health.

Hearthstone’s most recent expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, launched in April. It added more than 130 new cards (including a new card type) and began the Year of the Mammoth. It did not, however, include a new single-player Adventure, as Blizzard has made changes to how it releases new content throughout the year.

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