Google Pay users can now send and receive money


Google Pay’s latest features will first roll out to users in the US followed by the UK.

Google has introduced three new features to its digital payments solution, Google Pay.

Earlier this year, Google combined a host of its own payment platforms to create “Google Pay” including apps like Android Pay and Google Wallet, aiming at a convenient and unified payments service for users.

Google Pay users will now be able to send and request for money on directly on the app. This comes from the integration of its peer-to-peer payments service ‘Google Pay Send’ with Google Pay. This feature is first rolling out to users in the US with UK users next in line. Users also have the option to split the bill with their contacts on Google Pay.

 Google is also letting users save their event tickets and boarding passes on Google Pay. This feature at present supports companies including Ticketmaster and Southwest. Google will be extending this feature to more companies like Eventbrite, Singapore Airlines, and Vueling. Apple Pay also has this feature where it allows users to save tickets on the app.

Google Pay users will find all their updated information on platforms like iOS, Android and desktop. Any payment information updated on Google Pay from whichever platform will be synced with the user’s Google account.