IBM Says Apple Mac Users Are Happier, More Productive And Less Demanding From IT


Image result for IBM Says Apple Mac Users Are Happier, More Productive And Less Demanding From ITWe had suspected this all along, and it turns out that Apple Mac computing devices are better than anything that runs the Microsoft Windows operating system. Of course, says IBM. At the JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC), IBM released a research which suggested employees using Apple Mac machines are likely to be more productive than counterparts using the Windows machines. And also that Mac users, anyone using an iMac, Mac, Mac Pro or a MacBook computing device made by Apple, are happier, less likely to call the helpdesk for support and that these Mac devices hold better resale value a few years down the line. This coming from a company that admits to being a Windows-centric organization for years.

“Our job is to create a productive environment for IBMers. The what you’re working on will change, but the how and the who is really the secret sauce,” says Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace-as-a-Service, IBM. The change wasn’t easy though. Previn admitted at the JNUC that there had always been a lot of demand from employees who wanted to use Mac, but the status quo thinking that Mac was more expensive remained. Then there was the small matter of the perception that Macs are require more in terms of support and that the support staff will have to be re-trained to work with Macs and the macOS platform.

Once the switch was made, the results showed. According to IBM research, as many as 22 percent more macOS users exceed expectations in performance reviews, compared with employees who still use the Windows machines. Also, high-value sales deals are executed successfully by Mac users compared with Windows users—as much as 16 percent more.

IBM says they now have 200,000 macOS devices deployed in the organization, and these are supported by just seven engineers. At the same time, 200,000 Windows devices require 20 engineers to keep them running and provide support as and when needed. This piece of stat is quite interesting too—just 5% of Mac users call the help desk for issues and support, compared with 40% of PC users.

Finally, there is the business case for Macs. “A Mac still has value three or four years down the road,” says Previn.

Should we finally put an end to the PC vs Mac debate, once and for all?