This iPhone 8 release date rumour is utter nonsense, but we’d love it to be true

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This iPhone is utterly bonkers, but wouldn’t it be great if it came true?

iPhone 8 is set to be unveiled in September.

Ahead of the launch, a slew of rumours around the hotly-anticipated new smartphone have appeared online.

The consensus seems to be that Apple is looking to pull-out all the stops with its next flagship smartphone, which will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone range.

iPhone 8 looks set to include an edge-to-edge OLED display, wireless charging, and all-new glass industrial design.

Elsewhere, iPhone 8 looks set to include OIS, Optical Image Stabilisation, for both lens used in the rear dual-camera set-up.

It is also expected to ship with an OLED display with True Tone, a technology that Apple debuted with its 9.7inch iPad Pro.

And now a new rumour claims Google Assistant can be set as the default voice assistant on iPhone 8.

Currently, Google Assistant cannot replace Siri as the default voice assistant on iOS because of the sandboxing in Apple’s mobile operating system.

However, an unnamed source told Android Guys that that could soon change.

Apple is widely-rumoured to be working on improvements to Siri that could expand its functionality.

Last year, the Cupertino-based company unveiled SiriKit, which allowed third-party developers to implement Siri in their apps, enabling the voice assistant send messages, place calls, send payments, and more for the first time.


Google has used the same user interface as it employs on the Android counterpart

According to Android Guys, iPhone 8 owners will supposedly be able to pick a preferred voice assistant – with Google Assistant being one of the options.

However the source could not confirm whether the implementation would be an official partnership.

Google Assistant is brilliant – we praised the AI assistant when it debuted in the Google Pixel, and were huge fans of its implementation in the Google Home smart speaker.

And as much as we would like to use the Google Assistant as the default voice assistant on iOS, there are a number of reasons this doesn’t make sense.

First and foremost – Google remains Apple’s biggest rival in the smartphone market.


Google Assistant on iOS has a number of the same capabilities – although, there are some limitations

Remember, Apple launched its own Google Maps rival simply to ensure that Google no longer had a presence by default on its best-selling smartphone.

We can’t see the Cupertino technology company handing over the keys to the castle to Google Assistant anytime soon.

Siri is designed with user privacy in mind, much like all of Apple’s products.

That means Apple is unlikely to allow Google to siphon data from iPhone users.

Finally, there are a number of improvements coming to Siri in iOS 11.

The talkative assistant is also integral to the company’s upcoming HomePod smart speaker.

With Apple increasing its focus on Siri, we can’t see Google Assistant making an appearance on the iPhone anytime soon.