Know How the Playing Card Designs Came into Existence


When we play card games like Indian rummy, poker, bridge or bluff, we never bother to spend time observing the aesthetics of the playing cards. However, it is a fact that the beauty of the cards we play with also help to create the right ambience and mood. Ever wondered how these cards evolved from their preliminary inconspicuous designs to the perfect symmetry they have achieved today? Well, we just hope to answer the reader’s curiosity regarding the evolution of the playing cards here:

Origin of Playing Cards in China in the 9th Century

Playing cards were invented in China as long back as the 9th century. They existed in China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The playing cards gradually evolved. They included popular faces from novels like Water Margin as character faces on playing cards during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Early Playing Cards as Valued Gifts of the Century

The initial playing cards were hand-painted and gilded making them truly beautiful and valuable objects. Such cards were regarded valuable as these were a part of wedding gifts and were often mentioned in wills & inventories as well. There were also literary references to these games.

How the Playing Cards Made Their Way to Europe?

It is said that playing cards made their way to the Europe through the Arabs. This happened in the second half of the fourteenth century and here the cards further evolved in the suit system and composition of cards. It is in Europe that the cards evolved to what they are today.

What the Modern Playing Card Designs Actually Represent?

The attractive card designs today actually represented existing kings and the symbolism used did have a story to tell as well. Yes, while it sounds astounding, it is the fact. The four kings were inspired from the four popular kings that existed namely, Alexander the Great, David, Charles and Julius Caesar. The four queens are Pallas, Judith, Rachel and Argine. The four Jacks are Dane, La Hire, Hector and Judas Maccabeus. In the earlier cards, the names of these personalities also came printed but not anymore.

The New Age Graphically Designed Cards

And just as everything else, playing cards also adapt to the times. Now you have an option to get graphically printed playing cards online. You simply have to select the designs you like and they will be printed and delivered to your address as you pay for it.

The Option to Play Cards Online

As people get busier, the collective behaviour of people gets affected much. There are fewer gatherings today and so there are fewer occasions to play classic rummy with friends or acquaintances in a gathering. It is difficult to imagine most card players lose the skill completely because of these hurdles.

That is the reason why many of the rummy experts choose to play rummy online and fans of bridge look for online options to play bridge. While the game has not died away, today it has taken a whole new form. Most modern card playing apps and websites also allow you to make a few bucks through playing.