Meet The New Apple iPhone 8 in All Its Glory

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Apple iPhone 8 leaks and rumours have been going on for quite a while now. While many leaksters have posted a picture or two of the iPhone 8, a recent YouTube video is displaying the Apple flagship in all its glory. A video posted by Tiger Mobiles on June 28 displays a black Apple iPhone 8 from all angles. As per the description provided in the video, the model used in the video was manufactured using CNC process based upon the 3D CAD which came directly from the new iPhone’s manufacturing facility. Apart from a vertical Dual-Camera setup, the video shows dimensions of the smartphone through a Vernier calliper as well, measuring it at 143.05 x 71.03 x 7.50 mm. The camera bump showed a thickness of 9.10 mm, meaning a 1.60 mm protrusion for the iPhone 8 dual camera.

A length comparison towards the end of the video shows the iPhone 8 to be slightly bigger than iPhone 7 and smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus. However, the video description clearly mentions that some details of the smartphone may change by the times of it is launched officially.

[Source:- news18]