Porsche Cayenne Recalled Over Emission Software Issue


German authorities have announced a recall of Porsche Cayenne models fitted with 3-litre diesel engines after finding an illegal emission software.

German Transport Minister, Alexander Dobrindt stated that he is withdrawing certification of such models and the affected Cayenne diesel variants should undergo a software update.

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Porsche Cayenne Recall Over Emission Software Issue

Porsche said that, during an internal investigation into emission, it had found irregular engine management software. The German automaker also said that it would recall the vehicles to fix the issue.

Dobrindt said, “The producer will of course bear 100 percent of the costs. There is no explanation why this software was in this vehicle. We have examined Porsche Cayenne vehicles of the 3 liter TDI Euro 6 Mark – during tests these vehicles deploy a so-called defense strategy, which isn’t activated in real traffic.”

Porsche Cayenne Recall Over Emission Software Issue

Dobrindt also said that Porsche would be able to update the emission software to rectify this issue quickly. Around 7,500 models in Germany and 22,000 in Europe has been certified with illegal emission software.

Dobrindt also said that they had no data about the models which are at the dealerships. Porsche parent company Volkswagen did not comment on the latest recall.

Porsche Cayenne Recall Over Emission Software Issue

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Since Volkswagen admitted the usage of defeat device, all the brands owned by the company are under the scanner. Audi is also facing investigations in Germany for the use of illegal emission software. Now, Porsche has finally issued a recall to fix the issue.