Recover Loss Data With File Recovery Software


Everyone and everywhere the backup is needed. It gives the person soothe of working up efficiently and effectively. That is why varieties of software are available in the market and are needed for the backup purpose. EaseUS is the file recovery software which is required by the individual to recover the lost folders, corrupted files, removable files etc.  It is a user friendly software which is required every now and then by the individuals. It is a reliable free file recovery program on the hand in the time of the emergencies for the individuals. The software is free to download from the official website. The free version can recover about 2 GB of the data. EaseUS software combines with the Solid tools to provide the individual with the mac data recovery experience.

The data is recovered by this software which is lost due to various reasons like hardware failure, human error, virus infection, OS crash, system failure. This software helps to retrieve data such as document, photos, multimedia files and emails etc. The files can be recovered even after long time after loss. The user friendly using function of it makes it more suitable for most of the individuals and for its popularity.

Mode of the recovery

The data can be recover works on individuals’ removable drives like USB sticks, mobile phones, memory cards etc. and on Personal computer hard drive. From all the way data is easily recoverable by this data recovery software by the individual both from the primary and secondary storage.

Scan Modes

The scanning is done in two ways by the EaseUS quick scan and the deep scan. Firstly the quick scan is done to find out the lost folder and after that the deep scan is done. The research will find out the deleted file quickly for the individuals. The lost files will appear on the user interface of the software. Every time the option of deep scan will come after the quick scan is done. Deep scan takes some time to run deep and check out the files. The file will definitely find out.

Recovery Of Files

The file can be recovered easily. Firstly open the EaseUS wizard. Then first will ask for the file type. Enter the file type from the six options available as it will reduce the searching time. Then it will ask the place from where the file was lost enter the place name. Then scanning will be done first the quick scanning is done and after that deep scanning. The material scanned will be shown on the screen for the preview purpose. If the file which is found is the one which was lost then individual have to select the file and click on the option recover. The file will be recovered immediately.

The recovery of data through this is software technique as compared to the physical access. The data recovery through software will use up the LAN connection or other connections. But these connections have to be stable for better connection EaseUS is a good choice by many individuals.