How to Recover the Lost Data using EaseUS Software?


The computer these days play a vital role in people’s routine including private and business. Yes, people nowadays rely a lot on computers, no matter, either be it their office work or private work. Yes, they would like to store their office related files in their computers for keeping it safe and secured. Added to that, they would like to store their personal data such as photos, audio files and video files in computers. Of course, the computers can maintain and handle the data safe and secured. But, the computer cannot maintain all those things safe all through its life time.

Since, a computer is a digital system and it is prone to errors or damages. In such cases, data loss may happen. If your data is lost, what would you do? Of course, you will seek a way to recover them back. When it comes to data recovery, you can address many ways right from hiring a professional data recovery services to using the data recovery software free. Hiring the professional services can be daunting in most occasions. Since, we cannot say that, whether or not they can fulfill your requirements. On the other hand, using the recovery software would be the ideal choice to deem.


Using the EaseUS data recovery wizard free software, you can recover the files and folders on your own that too in a quick time. If you have no idea about recovering the files, you can just follow the below-explained simple steps to recover your files and folders,

  • It is needless to mention that, you have to download the software from the internet. Either you can download the software from its official site or from other reputed sites.
  • Then, you have to install the software on your device. This software supports all the devices, so you can install them with all ease.
  • Installation does not require more time at all. Rather, it can be done in a matter of time.
  • Next is that, you have to launch the software in your screen or window. The software will display the two scan modes to recover your files and folders.
  • You can choose anyone of the scan modes to explore your lost file. The two scan modes are quick scan mode and deep scan mode.
  • Quick scan mode offers quick scan and get back your files that were lost or deleted just now. Deep scan mode offers deep scan and get back your files that were deleted even a month before.
  • If you know the lost file name or location of the file or extension of the file, you can ignore the scan modes and just explore the files by providing any one of the above details on the search bar.
  • If you search your file by specifying its name or location, you can get back your files in no time.
  • Next is that, you have to save the file in a new location rather saving it on the location where it was lost to avoid data overwriting.