Street Fighter 5 Halloween Costumes, Stage Arrive This Month

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New Halloween-themed content is on the way for Street Fighter V, but it will only be available for a limited time, Capcom announced today.

A total of seven new premium costumes are on the way, includes those for Necalli, Vega, and Alex. As is now the norm with premium costumes, these each come with colors 1-10. They cost $4 a pop (4 EUR/3.29 GBP); there’s no word on a bundle with all seven.


Also coming is a Halloween-themed version of the Russia stage. Unlike the costumes, this can be purchase with real-world money for $2 (2 EUR/1.29 GBP) or with in-game currency for 40,000 Fight Money.

This content arrives on PS4 and PC on October 11 and will only be available until November 29. If you’re attending New York Comic-Con, you’ll be able to try it all out prior to then at booth #1420, where there will also be tournaments held for a limited edition PS4 faceplate.

[Source:- Gamespot]