Top Tips to Score Well in CBSE Class 10 Exam

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The CBSE Class 10 exam is the first important national level exam that the students of CBSE affiliated schools face. The scores not only determine the initial career path that a student wishes to pursue but also reflects how much academically sound the students are.

To score well in the CBSE class 10 exam, students need to prepare efficiently and be dedicated. To help the CBSE students prepare effectively for the class 10 board exam, some of the most important tips are provided below.

  • Be Equipped With Proper Study Materials

Before starting with the preparation, it is extremely crucial to have proper study materials to avoid getting confused during preparation. For class 10 exam, NCERT books are sufficient as CBSE prescribes them and questions are mostly based on the NCERT books. Students are also suggested to have the NCERT solutions to be able to clear any doubts instantly. Students can refer to My NCERT Solutions where exercise-wise solutions are provided and can be even downloaded as PDF.

  • Follow a Time-table & Stick to the Syllabus

For class 10 exam, students need to be well organized and dedicated. So, it is important to go through the entire syllabus and prepare a time-table accordingly. It is also crucial to stick to only the syllabus topics as the exam will only include questions from the pre-defined syllabus by CBSE.

  • Solve Sample & Previous Year Papers

Solving sample and previous year question papers not only help to get acquainted with the exam better but also to analyze the level of preparation. It is suggested to solve as many sample papers and question papers of the individual subjects as possible to get confident in attempting the board level questions.

  • Revision

It is suggested to solve all the questions from the NCERT textbooks and revise the concepts periodically to be able to retain all the concepts and formulas efficiently. Also, revising the questions (especially from maths and science) help to easily get confident with the approach and method of attempting the respective questions. Students are suggested to refer to NCERT Solutions class 10 to not clear any doubt and to know the best ways of attempting different questions.

Class 10 is a crucial phase and students need to be dedicated. With honest and proper preparation, any student can easily score excellent marks in all the subjects and can ensure a better academic future.